UK EIA Accreditation.


UKEIA has developed an accreditation scheme for those universities, polytechnics and colleges that want to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence for their events management courses. The UKEIA accreditation scheme is based on United Kingdom government requirements for an accreditation audit process. The UKEIA accreditation scheme requires the higher education institutions to be audited against four criteria:

How we work.

1their curriculum, syllabi and teaching, learning and assessment strategies. A nationally approved quality assurance process that is in place so that the events management course team regularly review and enhance their curriculum, syllabi and teaching, learning and assessment methods.

2the qualifications and experience of the faculty who teach on the events courses with evidence of their continuing professional development and research or consultancy to keep their subject knowledge up-to-date

3the physical environment of the higher education institution which should be maintained to a high standard and provides a good learning environment for the students. Appropriate and relevant learning resources in the library

4the services that are available to support the students in their studies which should include as a minimum: careers advice, disability support, health and welfare provision, student service officers.